Recent exhibitions – Annette Abolins

Exhibiting artwork is an opportunity to create a body of work connected to a specific theme. Working towards an exhibition also creates connections with other artists and the inspiration to work together. Here are a few recent exhibitions I've taken part in, with a little information about each.


Water Lines II

Group exhibition – 1st April – 1st May 2016, CStudios Gallery, Newcastle

This exhibition investigates water from many different perspectives and looks at water not only as a dimension – in, on and under – but also at its crucial situation in today's world. Fluid and temporal, water takes on many shapes and forms – from soft gurgling creeks to looming ocean waves.

My pen & ink drawings can be viewed here: Gallery.

read more about the exhibition here.


Water Lines I

Group exhibition – 17th – 23rd December 2015, Studio Gallery, Gosford Art Gallery

Water Lines celebrates the many different aspects of water, filtered through a variety of influences and interpretations. The artworks, comprising a range of media (painting, printmaking, drawing and textiles), are intended to provoke thought but, most of all, to inspire.

read more about the exhibition here.


Ebb and Flow

Group exhibition – 14th – 24th November 2013, Studio Gallery, Gosford Art Gallery

Reflecting on both the metaphorical and the literal significance of ebb and flow, be it in the movement of the tides or in the fluctuation of life itself, the works in this exhibition seek to give a visual voice to change and displacement ...

This exhibition saw the launch of Nine Lives Tarot; the complete 78 card deck and selected framed prints. read more about the exhibition here.


Being Human

Group exhibition – John Paynter Gallery, The Lock-Up: Newcastle 2012

This exhibition explored the essence of being human from each artist's perspective and point of view. To me an intrinsic part of being human is our ability to feel, recognise and connect, through reading and understanding the emotional landscape of a face ...
read more here.


The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Vol. 1

Collaborative project – Art House Co-op, Brooklyn NY 2012

The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Vol. 1 is a collaborative series of art books created by 5,000 artists from around the world. Each sketchbook is archived by the Brooklyn Art Library who also publish the limited edition book series.

Filling a new sketchbook is always a treat – especially when you have an inspiring project attached to it. I based the drawings in my sketchbook around the theme: Every picture tells a Story...


Music From A Farther Room

Group exhibition – Gosford Regional Gallery, 2009

A group exhibition, which evolved over a two-year period in conjunction with Gosford Regional Gallery. The exhibition investigates many different perspectives of ageing and the relationship between youth and age.

Light moves across our faces like the waxing and waning moon as we mirror ourselves in the people around us, finding similarities, differences and a sense of belonging. read more here.