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Why there’s so much to Love about Cards

5 decks spread out on work space

If you have visited here before, you’ll know I love cards (both Tarot and Playing cards). Having just published my second deck, I feel I’m still at the beginning of a most inspiring journey, which I hope will lead to many more cards in the future. In this post I want to share some of my thoughts and inspiration behind why I like […]

Drawing a Musician & motivating Swimmers

pen & ink drawing digital painting Annette Abolins

Music is always inspiring, as are those who perform it so brilliantly… My friend Paul is an absolute star on the harmonica; he plays and sings across the musical genres, exuding enjoyment and love of music. He recently had a ‘big’ birthday (along with a party to write home about), and I did this drawing, wanting to capture some […]

Tarot and Playing cards – Artwork update

preview illustrated playing cards

After delving into pen and ink drawings it’s time for a digital painting update … In this Tarot themed post you’ll find a preview of the latest additions to my upcoming playing cards … a look at the visual story (or infographic) I did for Nine Lives Tarot … and my artwork for the 5th Aeclectic Tarot Collaborative deck … Illustrated […]

An interview with Annette by Rachel Howden

Rachel, a Graphic Design student approached me a while back asking if she could interview me as part of a video assignment in her final year of studies. I hadn’t met Rachel before, though discovered she’s a lovely and most talented young girl. The interview went well (filmed in my studio); we chatted about design work, […]

Ebb and Flow exhibition

Our exhibition opened on Saturday at The Studio Gallery in Gosford – with artworks by: Diane Eklund-Abolins, Helen Mortimer, Amanda Donohue and myself.  After months of working intensely on finishing the art; it was almost strange to step back and just enjoy the show. Ebb & Flow opening at the Studio Gallery – Gosford Regional […]

Tarot Journey coming to an end

Visual vs Vocabulary Periods of intense creative work tend to conflict with my ability to ‘write about’ the process. When I was at art school teachers would often want to see words describing an artwork; before it was made, during the process … and a summary after completion – yet, on most occasions I had to write the lot […]

Drawing the Tarot – Four Knights to the Rescue

If you have followed my Tarot journey from the start (congratulations are in order!), you may know that this project initially began with a symbolic self-portrait-like interpretation of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana. As I drew more cards, my focus moved to a broader interpretation of ‘self’,  while still maintaining a mostly female […]