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Website updates and Recent Design work

colourful portrait of psytrance duo

Re-designing and updating websites (or portfolios) is a bit like moving the furniture around, or throwing things in a suitcase and going for a drive in search of a new view … sometimes things get left behind or fall behind the couch. When one of my web pages ends up behind the couch, moves, has gone on holiday […]

Friday line-drawing of kids

With school holidays prompting a slight break from the Tarot project, it’s been nice to spend some sunny hours drawing with the kids at the kitchen table :)  Today I worked on a line-drawing of my happy treasures using Rapidograph pens & a Pentel ink brush pen on drawing paper: Ben & Amanda – Pen […]

Drawing Robert de Niro

Continuing on pen & ink drawings – I ventured down Godfather lane and drew this portrait of Robert de Niro playing Vito Corleone in the second movie: Original Pen & ink drawing of Robert de Niro Quote text added to drawing After scanning the drawing, I darkened the inked section on the left and made […]

Drawing Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Cage - pen & ink drawing - Annette Abolins

Gone in 60 Seconds (the 2000 remake), is an action movie about a retired master car thief who has to steal 50 cars with his crew in one night to save his brother’s life – V8 cars, race against the clock and, well, Nicolas Cage – all help make it a memorable action feast. Here is […]

Drawing faces

Here are two faces from my latest adventures with pencil and paper. I really enjoy drawing people, there is something almost hypnotic and very relaxing about staring at a face (perhaps not a good idea on trains or buses… but still :)), and trying to capture those little details that makes a drawing look like the […]