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Drawing the Tarot – Four Knights to the Rescue

If you have followed my Tarot journey from the start (congratulations are in order!), you may know that this project initially began with a symbolic self-portrait-like interpretation of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana. As I drew more cards, my focus moved to a broader interpretation of ‘self’,  while still maintaining a mostly female […]

Drawing the Tarot – Meet the Pages

A Page is seen as a youthful messenger; a voice speaking for the suit to which he or she belongs. In the drawings (pen & ink), I used key symbols in addition to the suit symbol, as a vehicle for delivering the ‘message’. I have then used colours in the painted version to further bring […]

Number 8 in the Tarot – or where to from here?

It is intriguing how often the card I am busy drawing and painting ends up mirroring real life (emotional state or event). Perhaps it is to be expected, considering the amount of time I spend focussed on each card, yet still …. with repeated serendipitous and thought-provoking occurrences, I find myself left with the prospect […]

Number 7 – Tarot minor Arcana

When looking at numerology and a range of other deciphering tools (including religions),the number 7 is said to be connected with spirituality, thinking, analysing, solitary reflection and searching for inner truth. This soul-searching, solitary nature is apparent in the seventh cards in the minor arcana of the tarot as well: VII Cups – This card […]

Minor Arcana #6 in Cups, Pentacles, Rods & Swords

I’m back again with the next four cards in my Tarot series; number 6 in the four suits. I’ve also done some printing research and am patiently (or impatiently) waiting on a sample from a company who can print odd sizes with rounded corners. Finding the right printing company is creeping further up on my […]

5 of Cups, Pentacles and Swords

A quick update with my latest Tarot cards… the five of cups, pentacles and swords. When drawing the cards I find it interesting how they connect together in so many different ways: through suits, numbers and symbols. The entire deck can be seen as an archetypal, symbolic and pictorial journey through a person’s life, where […]

Tarot minor arcana #4 and my drawing process

In this post I thought I’d talk a little about my drawing process with the tarot cards, before showing you the next 4 cards… hope you enjoy :) First I start with the idea – The idea is an important step, as once the image has formed in my head, the drawing is sort of […]