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Number 7 – Tarot minor Arcana

When looking at numerology and a range of other deciphering tools (including religions),the number 7 is said to be connected with spirituality, thinking, analysing, solitary reflection and searching for inner truth. This soul-searching, solitary nature is apparent in the seventh cards in the minor arcana of the tarot as well: VII Cups – This card […]

Tarot minor arcana #4 and my drawing process

In this post I thought I’d talk a little about my drawing process with the tarot cards, before showing you the next 4 cards… hope you enjoy :) First I start with the idea – The idea is an important step, as once the image has formed in my head, the drawing is sort of […]

Tarot meanings & The Emperor

Number four (or IV)  in the major arcana is The Emperor (the Fool is either ‘unnumbered’ or 0). The Emperor represents power, reason, control and order. He (in this case she…) is the archetypal father figure, and upholder of discipline and leadership. There is an endless amount written about the interpretations and meanings of each […]