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The Journey Continues – Kickstarter Relaunch

VIZAĜO playing cards - relaunch 28 June

VIZAĜO met the world on Kickstarter on the 30th of May and has found plenty of support throughout the campaign. Despite not making it across the line, I’m really pleased that so many people came on board and decided to support my colourful deck of cards. Having lived with this project for so long (and […]

VIZAĜO Playing Cards – Launching soon on Kickstarter

VIZAĜO is now in the dressing room, excitedly waiting for the curtain call – to officially launch on Kickstarter hopefully next week! As soon as the project goes live, I will post the link here (and an official update). The past weeks have been a flurry of preparation and almost everything is ready for these […]