Introducing the Royal Spades

My new deck of playing cards is growing with the fourth suit starting to take shape.  Time for the Jack and Queen of Spades to make their entrance … The spades are defined by a palette, which moves through shades of blue. To me, this palette brings a sense of clarity to the characters, alluding to the element Air, and wisdom […]

Introducing the Royal Diamonds

King of Diamonds version 3 in colour

The Diamond colour palette is accentuated by green – and after a week of painting, three Diamond courts are excited to step on to the scene. I will be showing comparisons between the suits as this new (still unnamed) deck progresses, though if you want a sneak peek of the cards I’ve illustrated so far, here are links […]

Revisions and Updates to New Playing Cards

The design process invariably includes revisions and changes – and in this update I want to share the latest tweaks to the new playing cards I’m working on. I’ve been posting updates of the progress of the cards on the Playing Card Forum where I received some great feedback about extending the background. Once pointed out, I could see […]

Exhibition at CStudios in Newcastle

Gallery owner Jo Chisholm-Ray opens exhibition

Exhibition Extended to Sunday May 1st ‘Exploring water in all its depth and mystery’ This exhibition follows on from our group exhibition held at the Studio Gallery in December 2015. Artworks inspired by water – explored and celebrated from many different perspectives.  Meet stormy waters, soft lakes, gurgling bush creeks, mermaids and fish. Discover the artists’ […]