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Introducing the Royal Spades

My new deck of playing cards is growing with the fourth suit starting to take shape.  Time for the Jack and Queen of Spades to make their entrance … The spades are defined by a palette, which moves through shades of blue. To me, this palette brings a sense of clarity to the characters, alluding to the element Air, and wisdom […]

Introducing the Royal Diamonds

King of Diamonds version 3 in colour

The Diamond colour palette is accentuated by green – and after a week of painting, three Diamond courts are excited to step on to the scene. I will be showing comparisons between the suits as this new (still unnamed) deck progresses, though if you want a sneak peek of the cards I’ve illustrated so far, here are links […]

Tarot and Playing cards – Artwork update

preview illustrated playing cards

After delving into pen and ink drawings it’s time for a digital painting update … In this Tarot themed post you’ll find a preview of the latest additions to my upcoming playing cards … a look at the visual story (or infographic) I did for Nine Lives Tarot … and my artwork for the 5th Aeclectic Tarot Collaborative deck … Illustrated […]

Artistic Journey: DeviantArt Contest

My Artistic Journey - Annette Abolins - Deviant Art contest 2014

What does your artistic journey look like? Do you have a straight path, a meandering track full of detours, or a journey with many stops and starts? An artistic life or journey can take on so many different forms. Your journey may be about getting in touch with a more intuitive, side of your personality… Or it could be about emotional healing; […]

Web-design update: Swim club and Gardens

In this post I thought I’d show two of the latest websites I’ve been working on. Earth vs Water – Gardening vs Swimming… both different, but in some ways similar – as in they both promote a healthy ‘outdoorsy’ way of life… Something I find very easy to resonate with :) Gosford Stingrays Swimming Club The local swimming club is a friendly […]

Tarot minor arcana #4 and my drawing process

In this post I thought I’d talk a little about my drawing process with the tarot cards, before showing you the next 4 cards… hope you enjoy :) First I start with the idea – The idea is an important step, as once the image has formed in my head, the drawing is sort of […]