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Exhibition at CStudios in Newcastle

Gallery owner Jo Chisholm-Ray opens exhibition

Exhibition Extended to Sunday May 1st ‘Exploring water in all its depth and mystery’ This exhibition follows on from our group exhibition held at the Studio Gallery in December 2015. Artworks inspired by water – explored and celebrated from many different perspectives.  Meet stormy waters, soft lakes, gurgling bush creeks, mermaids and fish. Discover the artists’ […]

Water Lines – exhibition wrap

Works by Annette Abolins

My last post was all about the beginnings of a new body of work; oil paintings and ink drawings for an exhibition about Water…  A lot has happened since then :) Moving house (somewhat suddenly) in the middle of the usual end-of-year rush, while also completing work for the Water Lines exhibition was (in hindsight) an interesting study in […]

Artistic Journey: DeviantArt Contest

My Artistic Journey - Annette Abolins - Deviant Art contest 2014

What does your artistic journey look like? Do you have a straight path, a meandering track full of detours, or a journey with many stops and starts? An artistic life or journey can take on so many different forms. Your journey may be about getting in touch with a more intuitive, side of your personality… Or it could be about emotional healing; […]

Ebb and Flow exhibition

Our exhibition opened on Saturday at The Studio Gallery in Gosford – with artworks by: Diane Eklund-Abolins, Helen Mortimer, Amanda Donohue and myself.  After months of working intensely on finishing the art; it was almost strange to step back and just enjoy the show. Ebb & Flow opening at the Studio Gallery – Gosford Regional […]