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Website updates and Recent Design work

colourful portrait of psytrance duo

Re-designing and updating websites (or portfolios) is a bit like moving the furniture around, or throwing things in a suitcase and going for a drive in search of a new view … sometimes things get left behind or fall behind the couch. When one of my web pages ends up behind the couch, moves, has gone on holiday […]

Magazine Design Mock-ups

What is a Mock-up? If you haven’t stumbled on the word mock-up before, this post may shed some light on both meaning and use. There’s a little background, a few examples, and even some trivia to whet your appetite :) A mock-up can be a useful and creative way to illustrate a concept, as it can be used to demonstrate skills, functions and […]

Web-design update: Swim club and Gardens

In this post I thought I’d show two of the latest websites I’ve been working on. Earth vs Water – Gardening vs Swimming… both different, but in some ways similar – as in they both promote a healthy ‘outdoorsy’ way of life… Something I find very easy to resonate with :) Gosford Stingrays Swimming Club The local swimming club is a friendly […]

Design Update: Logo, Book cover & Branding

This post is a design update, showing the latest projects I’ve been working on. It has been quite a busy and exciting time, especially as these projects have all been distinctly different; which always keeps things interesting … Hope you enjoy :) Re-design Logo for Tree of Compassion First up is the logo I did […]

An interview with Annette by Rachel Howden

Rachel, a Graphic Design student approached me a while back asking if she could interview me as part of a video assignment in her final year of studies. I hadn’t met Rachel before, though discovered she’s a lovely and most talented young girl. The interview went well (filmed in my studio); we chatted about design work, […]

Updating the Virtual world :)

It has been a busy month – exhibitions, work, and… redesigning websites. With my tendency to grow bored of a design, I regularly embark on the proverbial website face lift… and the last few weeks have been all about updating my website and illustration portfolio. Driven by my belief that  ‘a change is as good as […]